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Retirement planning – crucial to the wellbeing agenda. 
We live longer. Planning for a fulfilling third-phase is vital. There has never been more choice – including the date employees retire. 
Those attending F4C’s well-received in-house programmes have varied expectations and aspirations. Some will traditionally retire. Others will want or need to generate income. Still others, some five years or more from an actual date, know they need to start to plan a new lifestyle – the one they control! 
Given the choice of when to retire many just ignore it. And this poses problems for workforce planning. 
But clients agree Retirement Planning – Opportunity & Choice brings a focus to this third phase and encourages employees to start to plan for their third age. 
Today – 
• No-one really ‘retires’ 
• ‘Retirement’ can be more than twenty years 
• Wider and increasingly varied choices need planning 
• This is their third phase – but where do they start? 
• So what do staff and their partners really want from a new lifestyle? 
• What are the financial implications? 
• ‘See how we go’ is not a healthy option 
F4C’s interactive one-day workshop – Opportunity & Choice is led by experienced third phase lifestyle facilitators. Evaluation is consistently positive and we are proud to receive many referrals. 
'I thoughly enjoyed the day. The financial selection was useful knowing there is a lot you can do. Thank you' 
University Technician 
‘Well-paced, interesting, informative and a wake-up call to get on with it – having a successful 
retirement’ HR Manager, Local Authority 
Never too early to give this subject consideration – a well spent day!‘ Accountant 
Call Di or Owen on 01206 506100 for more information on third phase retirement planning. 
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