Management Review and Reflect. 

How we work is changing. What we do, how we relate to colleagues, customers and clients; how we use existing tools and integrate new ones. Managers need time to reflect on the ‘now’ and consider future needs. Teams must be more involved; empowered to draw on expertise. To review and challenge existing norms, to harness new ways of working – to do more with less! 
F4C know time is finite. But getting to ‘can do’ is a culture change for managers and their teams. This is the final module in a series of themed workshops focusing on key management issues pertinent to the changing workplace. 
Workshop Management Review and Reflect. 
For Managers and team leaders 
The final workshop in this series. Managers have focused monthly on key elements of change in the context of their daily reality. 
• Vision and change – management reality and implications: 
• Resources – providing support for the changing workplace 
• Communication – fit for today’s purpose? 
• Team motivation – getting to ‘can do’ 
• Staff development – effective mentoring and more 
Some changes will have been made, others are yet to come. So in this final workshop take the opportunity to review with other managers: 
Your staff/teams: As a manager: 
What has changed? What worked? 
What has met with resistance? What disappointed? 
Are there solutions? What is still needed? 
Is there a development need? 
Personal focus: 
Has or is the culture changing? 
What do you need to sustain this change? 
What has benefitted you as a manager? 
What surprised you? 
What was your proudest achievement? 
Identify two key things you would like to achieve within your career? 
As a manager what is your next career goal? 
How will you achieve this and by when? 

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