Effective mentoring 

For Managers & Team Leaders 
Overview: The annual appraisal, reviews performance and identifies career and other opportunities for staff development. Whilst recognising its importance, current discussion is challenging the established annual process. Is there a better method? Would more frequent reviews be better? Within this climate mentoring is becoming increasingly popular. 
Mentoring is an important tool in talent management and staff retention. It supports and encourages staff to manage their own learning to develop skills, improve performance – to work towards achieving their full potential. 
Work is changing. Established procedures are being challenged; teams are encouraged to work inclusively, to draw on experience to improve overall efficiency. Everyone needs less to be more. 
Mentors can take on a number of different roles in the course of a mentoring relationship to meet the needs of the mentee eg coach, counsellor, adviser, role model. Mentoring is proven to support staff to respond positively to change. This workshop reviews mentoring, appraisal and other development tools. At the end of the workshop managers will have: 
• Reviewed existing performance assessment procedures. 
• Understood the benefits of a mentoring programme 
• Explored the different forms of mentoring 
• Know the benefits of both formal and informal programmes 
• Developed an action list (to do now, items to discuss/research) 
Interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators, are based on the reality of the day-to-day workplace. The workshop is supported with a comprehensive workbook containing additional material for future reference. 
All half-day workshops provide a flexible in-house resource which can be tweaked to reflect specific training needs. Give Di or Owen a call on 01206 506100 to talk about the possible. 

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