F4C occupy a quality place in a niche market. Founded in 1995 it supports management and staff in the public and private sectors - NHS, emergency services, professions and academia. Organic growth has frequently been accomplished on the strength of referrals. 
With the advantage of a broad portfolio led by a strong team of experienced, well-qualified facilitators F4C ensures coaching and workshops, built on strong profesisonal relationships, meet the needs and diverse demands of clients. 
All recognised and respected in their field - business, health, communication or finance - our team of facilitating Associates meet the development needs of clients, managers and staff attending F4C workshops and coaching sessions. 
Recognising the need to remain abreast of the changing business climate and market trends, we regularly lead workshops for these facilitators. Sessions engender team ethos, sharing experiences and contribute to the prepared theme of the day. 
All value the opportunity for professional development and a rare chance to discuss with colleagues topics of mutual interest. 
Here's where our quality counts: 
'This workshop has given me confidence to attend interviews - all a great help' Broomfield Hospital 
'A very good session, fun and informative. A lot of food for thought. Thank you' University Administrator 
'A well-presented and planned day which has been an immense help in my pre-retirement deliberations' 
Essex Fire & Rescue 
'Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Learned a lot as well as made me think of other things. Your financial advice was of the greatest benefit' 
Suffolk Fire Service 
'Thank you for the opportunity of attending this course; it has been incredibly beneficial to me' 
School support staff 
'A really informative, and knowldegeable day. I will change plans, based on what was learned' 
Greenwich University Lecturer 
'Very inspiring, motivating day. The facilitator's personality created an environment to get everyone open and talkative' 
Penguin Random House 
Telephone us on: 01206 506100 | or email: info@focus4change.co.uk 
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